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This estate that was known in the past as “Quinta do Casal de Celeirós”, has an area of 15 hectares all surrounded by a schist wall.

It’s an historic Quinta with references in the end of the XIX century that considered it as a “Model Property”. It’s also mentioned historically as not having suffered the terrible plague of phylloxera. In 1877 Henry Vizetelly, author of “Facts about Port and Madeira” (Ward, Lock, 1880) drew the attention to the fact that this property hadn’t been affected by the plague and in 1886 the Viscount of Vilarinho de São Romão names it as a truly Model Property and writes: “it’s the only example that we know of a vineyard that didn’t suffer with the plague of phylloxera”.

It’s also historically recognized as being the first property in the Douro to admit women to tread grapes.
Henry Vizetelly wrote: "The young women skillfully gathered their garments up around them. When all was duly adjusted they sprang into the lagar, and, delighted with their task, danced for a time among the grapes with the frenzy if not the grace of a troop of wild Bacchanals. The sight was certainly amusing, although the proceeding was, perhaps, not exactly a decorous one."

We replanted this property between 1995 and 1997.




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